Case Study

Explain Everything

A cloud and a web portal for the whiteboard app being used by over 2 million students, teachers, leaders, and learners around the world.

I am happy to provide a positive recommendation for Fream S.A. as a supplier of web portal solutions.
Knowledge and experience of Fream engineers helped us in a quick and cost­effective deployment of Morriscooke portal ­ a powerful, web­ and REST­based service to support our innovative educational apps. Fream helped us define our functional requirements and delivered a thorough technical and architectural design, followed by a swift implementation.
What Fream has delivered as a final deliverable, was a functional, scaleable and well­designed software product.

- Bartosz Gonczarek - CEO, Morriscooke sp. z o.o.

Product overview

Sophisticated backend for an amazing app

For Explain Everything, the maker of a cool educational whiteboard app for iOS, Android and Windows, we have created a cloud backend bundled together with YouTube-like web portal.

The backend builds up its scalability upon clustered architecture of JBoss Entreprise instances, and deep integration with one of the world’s biggest content delivery networks – Akamai.


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