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Diabetes self-control made simple and smart

Diabetes self-management by diabetics, for diabetics

Designed by a long-time diabetic, GlucoMe tries to understand people with diabetes and not make their lives even more difficult.

When we designed GlucoMe, we had three things in mind:

  • diabetes self-management is not something you want to do and it’s easy to forget
  • if we take too much of user’s time for diabetes self-management, or make it too cumbersome to do, they will turn their heads away.
  • diabetes self-management done by the app should give you a meaningful feedback on whether things are currently going rather good or rather bad.

As a result, we created the app, which

  • is nice to use and to look at
  • features unique UI controls to makes adding new entries very quick and intuitive
  • notifies the user about pending blood glucose checks,
  • on AppleWatch, displays the time remaining to the next check directly on the watchface

Eye-catching user interface where ease of use comes first

Color coding

All over the app, we use consistent color coding to distinguish between blood glucose, carbs, medication and notes. All in pleasant, easily distinguished colours.

Keyboardless data entry

In the iPhone app, we have created an interface, which lets users create entries in their diabetes log without use of the keyboard. Adjusting values, switching between choices or between aspects is all done with swipe gestures. Keyboard is only necessary to add longer descriptions.

In the Apple Watch app, we use digital crown, swipes and voice recognition, to avoid the keyboard completely.

Intelligent presets

GlucoMe learns the times when when user eat your meals and suggests them as you create your entries. GlucoMe is smart enough to know that you wake up later on the weekends, or that on some days you eat your dinner later because of a yoga class.

Self-assesment reports which make sense

Set your own goals

GlucoMe makes an assessment of user’s diabetes on a weekly basis. We chose week as a basis, because it’s long enough to calculate reasonable statistics, and short enough to treat as a unit.

Get self-assessed on a regular basis

GlucoMe defines three grades – good, average, and bad, basing upon the percentage of BG readings falling in the target. Target can be redefined by the user, so that people who are not as perfect as the others can still see the difference between not so bad, and really bad results.

Meaningful reports

Except for the grade, GlucoMe gives users weekly reports, to see on the mobile screen or to print. The reports help identify, in which situations or hours things are more likely to go wrong than in the others.

GlucoMe Reports achieve it by

  • presenting averages and distribution of blood glucose readings per time of day or activity
  • overlapping blood glucose, carb or medication readings from many days onto cumulative charts

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