Case Study

Haufe Portalservices

A services portal, which allows to provide various ERP-related services for customers.

I feel happy to provide a very positive reference for Fream S.A. in regard to both its cooperation and the quality of its services. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they helped us define, design and deliver the ‘Handwerkerkopplung’ web portal to our clients. They were very thorough and flexible in developing software product that suited our needs and requirements, always making sure that our work objectives and expectations were met in full.
Fream web and portal engineers have supported us with their services for over 5 years. The quality of their work made us choose Fream to supply our mobile apps for the real estate market.

- Martina Böhlen - Haufe­Lexware Real Estate AG, Teamleader Business Experts

System description

The services portal features over hundered unique functionalities spread across 5 modules, including:

– order distribution,
– invoice processing,
– management of property structures,
– claims adjustment,
– automated scheduling of maintenance tasks,
– data mining,
– extensive integration with ERP systems over SOAP-based web services,
– extensive APIs for the mobile apps.

The portal is available only for the customers of Haufe-Lexware Real-Estate at

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