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Wrocław GO

All things to do and all places to go available for everyone.

What is Wroclaw GO?

Wroclaw GO is a hub that combines all events, activities and places available in the city of Wroclaw.

The service is a side project under the city’s own web portal,, but it goes way beyond being just another web portal with events and places listings.

Wroclaw GO makes a difference in the way it is designed to aggregate and merge information from various sources in a searchable and organized structure, which then is made available to the people of Wroclaw in a variety of ways.

More importantly, all events and places are available via the REST API, so that independent vendors can build their apps upon the complete set of events and places stored in the system.

Besides mainstream content, like cinema or clubs listings, Wroclaw GO aggregates all sorts of offstream events, be it music, sports, local community events or activities for kids.

Content aggregation and authoring

Content present in Wroclaw GO is acquired from external aggregators, cultural institutions or is directly authored by the editorial office

The concept of Wroclaw GO content structure is the following:

Combine mainstream content that can be acquired from commercial aggregators with own, unique content authored by the editorial office along with various institutions of culture, entertainment, arts, education or sports.

This concept makes Wroclaw GO a unique  service, where a big gig on city stadium stands next to tonight’s offer of the cinemas, workshop to attend with your kid during the weekend or a local car boot sale in the square around the corner.

Content structure and distribution

Wroclaw GO is not only a web portal - it's a sophisticated API which allows the content to be integrated into other apps and portals

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