We are one of the leading companies which create proffesional solutions for Virtual Reality.

We have created a commercial tool developed to sell office spaces and residential buildings.  We also focus on houses promotion and buildings for MIPIM, EXPO REAL apartment fairs. Our projects promote districts, building areas and space of the city. We think differently and use much more than renders or simple ideas of VR. Our virtual world is filled with people, plants, vehicles, wather and animals. Our projects enable anybody to experience look and feel of buildings, long before anybody will be able to see it in reality. We operate in the field of architectural and medical industry.


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Android app
VR solution
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Evryplace lets you present your places globally in the VR. Places can be anything that you want your clients to be immersed in – appartments, offices, hotels, spas or shops. We go beyond the ordinary VR tours.

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VR solution

Nowe Żerniki VR

Nowe Żerniki is a virtual reality presentation, deployed as a self-serve stand placed in Bar Barbara, the central point of Wroclaw’s European Capital of Culture.

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