At Fream, we’re specialized in building web portals and mobile app backends with Java Enterprise technology

Whether it a web portal, mobile apps, machine-to-machine integration or a combination of them, it is nearly always backed by a backend engine, which is responsible for processing transactions, keeping the data consistent and performing complicated business logic.

At Fream, we always implement backend engines using Java Enterprise technology. We have developed our own architecture, based on top quality open-source components like JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Progress database and Linux OS.

Our architecture ensures high performance, scaleability and security.

As a result, we are able to build and deploy robust, well-tested and cost-effective Java EE portals, featuring

  • stability, security and performance of JBoss EAP 6 and Postgress 9
  • robust ORM with Hibernate and JPA
  • solid roles & permissions-based security model, enforced on all levels
  • efficient full-text and geographical searching
  • web interfaces for desktop and mobile access
  • RESTful interfaces for mobile or UI clients
  • SOAP-based Web Services for integration of exteral systems and services
  • socket API for mobile devices and web components
  • integration with payment providers
  • possibility to send and receive emails directly by the portal services
  • file storage
  • PDF reporting

We also promote constant integration and extensive unit testing for server. Please refer to the diagram below for the overview of the standard architecture of a portal based upon our architecture.

portal architecture


Please take a look at reference projects:

iOS app
Web portal

Haufe Portalservices

For Haufe-Lexware Real-Estate AG (formerly ESS AG), a german company providing ERP services for the housing industry across Germany, we have created a services portal, which allows the client to provide various ERP-related services for its customers.

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Web portal

Wrocław GO

Wroclaw GO is not only a web portal – it’s a sophisticated API which allows the content to be integrated into other apps and portals. We have built and designed the complete portal from the scratch.

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