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DeLaval – DelPro Companion

A true Industry 4.0 solution for Dairy farmers. A mobile app which puts the power to make better decisions, right into the farmers pocket.

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A mobile app and a 360 camera setup – revolutionary yet straightforward solution that automates a time-consuming process of store documentation and quality assurance audits.

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A product that brought the Homes by SKANSKA sales experience to the next level.

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DeLaval ESA – Effluent System Advisor

Helped DeLaval build an intuitive sales app that automates farm facility configuration allowing sales managers to shift the focus of an initial interview from equipment matching to better understanding the farmer’s needs.

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We are a long-time partner of Naviexpert, leading Poland’s provider of turn-by-turn navigation and street traffic services. Within our partnership, we deliver mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as sophisticated mapping applications for the web.

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In order to give you the best service possible, we use bleeding edge technologies and agile approach.

At Fream, we develop large and small Internet products for both established companies and startups. We deliver our web and mobile apps on top of our own, open-source services platform, built with of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, PostgreSQL database, Apache and Linux.

We build dynamic web frontends with Angular or Polymer, while our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are all programmed natively with Java, Swift, C# or Objective-C.

We also create VR presentations for Oculus Rift with Cry Engine.

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Highly recommended!

Being a very innovative app vendor, we value especially the ability of Fream engineers to quickly understand and master the bleeding edge technologies and standards appearing in today’s rapidly changing world of mobile software.

- Hans König - CEO, Zuhanden GmbH

Their knowledge and experience were extremely helpful.

Web and portal engineers from Fream have supported us with their services for years. The quality of their work made us choose Fream to also supply our mobile apps for the real estate market.

- Martina Böhlen - Team Leader Business Experts, Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG

Whenever we had a need, Fream delivered in a timely fashion

We have been working with Fream for over 4 years, during which together we have built numerous apps for our primary client – Tesco. Fream was very cooperative with us throughout all this time.

- Piotr Sobczak - Senior IT Project manager, CzART

I recommend creative skills and services provided by Fream

Over the last years, Fream helped us create successful web and mobile apps for our market-leading mapping and navigation product, Naviexpert.

- Adam Szarecki - R&D Manager, Naviexpert

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