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Let us introduce ourselves

We are a team of over 50 experienced specialists: developers, architects, and designers who specialize in design, development, and maintenance of innovative Internet solutions for the Industry 4.0, Real Estate, Transport, and Retail Sectors.

Our engineers boast an accumulated 150+ years of experience. We build our software with top quality open source technologies in Scrum. We create and sell own our own software products.

What started over 10 years ago, as a couple of programmers keen on developing greate products, in years turned into a team, where skill, responsibility, and excitement prove to be the most important factors. We all like being in charge of the function, the design and the architecture of software systems. We love the never-ending flow of new ideas. We believe that the Internet and virtual reality today leaves more room to create than any other art or business domain.

We really like creating software. We have been doing it for all these years and are not going to stop anytime soon.

We like the software that we have built...

…and we keep building the software that we like.

Grzegorz Jabłoński, CEO

Our mission is to stay impressed and excited with what we are doing.

We spend too much time at work no to be excited about it.
We devote too much effort to our work not to be proud of it.
We are given too much trust from our customers not to be responsible for them.

Our strategic partner.

Ricoh as a pioneer in the industry in the production of 360° cameras. Fream – creator of Evryplace software, is capable
of supporting Ricoh as a software partner and help adapt the 360° technology to existing business workflows.

The success of delivering custom software combining Ricoh’s hardware and Evryplace proprietary software led to forming a strong business partnership with Ricoh. The main goal of this partnership is the expansion of 360° technology on the B2B market, where it has already proven to deliver benefits greater than existing 2D technology. Both our companies, Ricoh and Fream, envision the transformation in the Real Estate Industry, so it’s natural to combine our strength and experience to revolutionize the market, not only in Poland but also globally.

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If you’re planning to create a web portal, mobile app, or any other Internet product, please contact us. We’re always happy to hear a good idea!

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