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From initial consideration and interviewing, through all milestones of the project all individuals and Fream as a whole excelled in the following areas:

– Strong technical competence and capabilities,

– Flexibility both at technical and commercial aspects,

– Proactive assistance and contribution to product development,

– Cultural fit for Basecamp.

- Daniel Biesiada - Group Head of Technology at Basecamp Student
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About BaseCamp Student

BaseCamp Student is a company that took on the challenge of developing a unique student housing experience in Europe. They are outdoing themselves in creating amazing student communities through intelligent modern design and high-level operations. Our client sets out to build social infrastructures rather than ordinary properties. Through their activity they support as well a joyful lifestyle, in which young people are active and taking the most of their lives. BaseCamp is rising to a challenge by creating functional, attractive spaces enriched by modern amenities, facilities. Their priority is to empower young people, provide them with everything they need while they work on achieving their dreams, and we decided to join this flourishing initiative by developing technological solutions for our client.

Business solution

„One Basecamp” is a concept to build a comprehensive business platform that connects various IT and digital systems into one consistent network of connected business solutions. Some parts of the concept are implemented, integrated via bespoke solutions and some of them come from the enterprise world. Fream together with Basecamp Student Group has developed a substantial part of “One Basecamp” platform that enables creation and management of customer facing applications.

Developed solution includes the following business components:

  • One Basecamp – Integration Platform: this component supports management and connectivity of customer-facing digital touchpoints that are directly and indirectly connected to other back-office and operational business solutions available at the company. Primary business value generated by the platform today includes the ability to automatically connect customer booking information with granted access to smart lock protected doors and areas. Additional module included in this middleware also allows to manage customer agreements fully paperless.
  • Basecamp Mobile Key App – Key to Basecamp doors injected into customers’ personal mobile devices.
  • One Basecamp – Reception Assistant: tablet defined self-service kiosk solution allowing customers and Basecamp Managers process mutually signed documents in a digital way.

Business outcomes and benefits of the delivered solution

  • Increased business process efficiency through automation,

  • Connected business processes across different IT systems,

  • Basecamp Customers empowered to perform self-service and touchless operations at the property, which turned out to be extremely important during pandemic times,

  • Tech-savvy and innovative approach that helps Basecamp maintain the competitive edge.

Development process

Apart from simply following instructions given by the client we were participating in every stage of the development. We were truly collaborating – each part has made valuable contributions and presented ingenious ideas. It was a dynamic process in which we have shown amazing flexibility and were adjusting our actions to meet all the needs of our client, even those which sprung up after some time.

In both projects we started off by preparing an extensive documentation in compliance with client’s requirements and our internal workflows. We were working on a fixed-price basis and that is why it was more clear what we should achieve and what tasks awaited us. We also made sure that all the issues and plans were talked-through and thoroughly discussed before setting out the work. To avoid mistakes in budget planning and execution both sides ensured that we developed effective methods of communication and management.

We were having several types of regular meetings with the Basecamp team. Given that we were progressing quickly, we established daily meetings to inform each other internally about the most recent breakthroughs, obstacles, and current tasks regularly. In addition, our project manager was attending weekly update meetings with Basecamp representatives to progress the project and discuss open points. Interestingly, at the beginning and at the end of the realisation process a group of stakeholders and beneficiaries was invited which helped us immensely in understanding demands of the market and business needs.

What has made our work special

A project aiming to integrate a range of solutions is highly demanding and innovative. We can proudly say that we are specialists in this field and we don’t settle for a simple delivery of the technical solution. We take care about all the details that might play a part in a resounding success of our client. We enriched the mobile locks with user-friendly animations. We put a great deal of effort into UX and UI design and the results are amazing.

When it comes to Paperless Document Management, we came up with the idea of introducing a separate Single-Page Application for signing the documents. Thanks to that, we gave our client the possibility of signing  documents by using a disposable code from the mobile app which identifies the user in a stateless way without the necessity of a full login process usually handled by the device accessible at the reception. Moreover, the selected technology and implementation approach has given the Client flexibility to deploy the solution on various types of devices.

Challenges we have faced in the process

Integration of numerous technologies required many different suppliers to be involved. It could compromise both time of the development process and efficiency. It involved a lot of quality control, change management and effective communication across multiple parties to avoid delays, crossing the budgets and dissatisfaction. Given the short realisation time, we have proven (not without effort though), to be extremely disciplined and bring out-of-the-box solutions at the same time, which let us meet the deadlines and requirements, and occasionally impress with extras. It demanded outstanding prioritizing and decision-making skills, especially when defining the product’s final outline.

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