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DeLaval ESA – Effluent System Advisor

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Farms have become more complex

The DeLaval’s pursuit of creating the ultimate milking systems using technological advances often means dealing with areas other than the actual milking itself. One of many DeLaval solutions revolves around handling excreta – from farm planning through equipment delivery and maintenance services performed by qualified DeLaval technicians.

Helping farmers plan out future farms

Aiming to deliver a high standard tailored solution, the process of planning and ordering sophisticated farm equipment involved multiple DeLaval specialists from different regions. Sales representatives had to gather information from various inputs before getting back to the actual client. This process proved cumbersome and time consuming for local sales teams who wanted to get a reasonable estimate upon the initial interview.

From multiple spreadsheets to simple web form

Instead of having to pick numerous options from complex spreadsheets and pass it between multiple emails before even getting an initial quotation, DeLaval sales teams requested a sales configurator. A web-based application similar to the ones used by car companies to configure a newly bought car. Something efficient, effective, and helpful- just like the rest of DeLaval’s services.

What was created?

  • Designed and developed a web-based application synchronized with a complex database of DeLaval’s services and technologies, and allowing to layout and outline extensive herd facilities focused on specified criteria, such as cow comfort, cow flow, labor efficiency, the flexibility of design, and future expansion.
  • Developed a visual layout generator, delivering facility plans based on pre-specified criteria
  • Build a session manager, allowing for saving the created layout for the future or print a PDF specification and order.
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Configuring a significant difference

Reaching for a web-based solution, allowed DeLaval to shift the focus of a sales interview. Agents no browse through sheets of farm facility options. Instead, the interviewer focuses on defining farmers’ needs, and the application does the hard work of matching the appropriate modules matching the facility requirements. Finishing the interview with three tailored solutions and helping farmers get an accurate facility estimate during the initial sales meeting.

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