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Evryplace uses the potential of 360° technology in a very versatile way, allowing users to prepare professional presentations using photospheres and mitigate costs associated with VR technology. The combination of both EVRYPLACE’s business approach and the growing interest in 360° cameras, Evryplace has the potential for a wide range of business applications.

- Przemysław Latus - Ricoh Theta Sales Managed, Ricoh Poland

From a 360° media gimmick to business solutions

In recent years Fream saw a rapid growth in the field of 360° camera technology that did not translate into business applications. The technology itself was not enough. For Fream, the future of business reshaped with 360° media was visible. However, further business development of the field was impossible without the support of the appropriate, adaptable software applicable to various business scenarios.

The smart choice of a programming language

When FREAM approached designing a 360° web application, it had few strategic product goals in mind:

  • The product has to be accessible to anyone via a web browser
  • It has to be all-screen ready
  • It needs to have the potential to utilize Virtual Reality
  • The product has to be a business applicable solution

To meet the goals, Fream chose to build EVRYPLACE using JavaScript, allowing this way for simple integration with existing web products and smooth implementation of it’s components to third party apps. The choice of an adaptable coding language helped create a product that is all screen ready – 360° presentations can be viewed in any web browser, iOS, Android, or Oculus device. While betting on webVR rendering allowed Fream to create EVRYPLACE as a web browser app.

Delivering a new real estate business-standard

Recent studies found that 53% of customers said they would be more likely to purchase from an offer that used 360° technology vs. the same offer only with 2D imagery. This result comes not only from the fact that 360° media is far more attractive, but because it’s more credible and naturally memorable.
The understanding of the impact 360° media can have, we partnered with ASARI – the fastest-growing MLS platform in Poland – to deliver 360° technology as part of their real estate product. Now nearly two thousand real estate agents in Poland can quickly add 360° property tours to their listings and distribute it across multiple listing services across Poland.

Better interior design and fit-out consultation

Nowy Styl Group is a global expert in office equipment and arrangement of public space, creating inspirational office spaces that increase efficiency and work comfort. The strong market position comes from a consultative approach to clients.
Adding EVRYPLACE as part of their consultation process allowed Nowy Styl to streamline the consultation process while at the same time, make the service more attractive and intuitive. Nowy Styl’s consultants can now live tour early stage 360° office renders with their clients while making live annotations on interior choices and fittings. Introducing 360° technology makes the brand stand out among competitors but also delivers a new, more intuitive process of office design and fit-out consultancy.

realistic training scenarios delivered remotely

Studies show that the immersive nature of VR makes it a natural choice for training aimed at reducing errors and liability of employees tasked with sensitive or critical operations. Less scientific though crucial, is the fact VR can save money in training involving a network of clients spread out across multiple countries.
Henkel and DeLaval introduced EVRYPLACE as their number one training tool to deliver remote training to teams located across Europe. Both companies create specific products that have to be explained and presented spatially.
DeLaval produces dairy and farming machinery, which is best presented and trained in a real farming environment. The need for trainees on-location presence can be achieved by hosting annual events per country, but more regular training sessions prove troublesome for clients and costly for DeLaval. With the ability to recreate a training scenario using EVRYPLACE, DeLaval can deliver training updates to dairy farmers across the world with a single up update.
Similarly, EVRYPLACE allows managers to create multiple reusable training courses applicable in various fields of businesses – from induction training, facility tours, workstation manuals to fire drill training.

One-click 360° documentation

In real estate development, photographic documentation of the construction progress is mandatory. This way, future owners can have insight into the progress and speed of the development. To up the standard of their service, SKANSKA introduced EVRYPLACE to give property owners a 360° documentation of their flat on every phase of the construction work. Owners receive a web link, with 360 imagery for every room, including installation layouts. This way, owners can have a clear understanding of what materials have been used to finish their property, but on a more practical level, view where the electric installation runs in each of their rooms.
In retail daily delivery monitoring, loading and unloading audits or visual merchandising is swifter thanks to EVRYPLACE plugin. It helps facilitate the reporting of potential shortages and speed up visual merchandise updates, which are especially useful for chain stores, restaurants, or warehouses. Here automation is the key – one picture to capture all details. Any other 2D technology, in comparison, would not allow for such a seamless process. It is why Lagardere introduce EVRYPLACE as a critical element in the documentation process of over 800 stores across Poland.

The right partner & the unique feature

From day one of the project, Fream was looking for a hardware partner with whom to execute a business adoption for 360° cameras with the support of the powerful software – the Evryplace web application. Partnering with the leader in 360° devices was a no-brainer.
Together with RICOH, Fream designed and developed a unique 360 camera plugin that allows for synchronizing the Theta V and Theta Z1 devices with an EVRYPLACE cloud account. This way, every image taken using a logged-in Theta device is directly uploaded to the owner’s EVRYPLACE account, entirely removing the cumbersome need to transfer files between devices.

Business verified and business winning solution

With over 3 years behind the belt, EVRYPLACE has met all predefined business goals and now helps multiple companies meet their revolutionary visions, proving that inventing the future becomes more active and dynamic with the right software partner.

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