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Prestigious offices and advanced technology

JLL is a world leader in real estate services providing facility management services for 430 million square meters of space around the globe, some of it located in the heart of Warsaw. Looking for a better way to connect commercial space owners and business JLL Poland created the Office Finder – a space for finding the most prestigious office space in Poland.

Finding a treasure requires time and effort

Finding a unique and prestigious office space for the company is time-consuming and often exhausting. Especially if you’re looking to relocate your business a need that spacious place, which also has a representative function. Office Finder is the JLL’s answer to the problem aimed to make that search more comfortable and support clients to get through it.

Making the space believable

Office Finder was created to present the office space most attractively, however, to make the offers more believable, and help clients fall in love with the presented space, JLL decided to add the option of attaching 360° walks as part of their sales strategy.

Adding new tech to the traditional sales pitch

  • Implemented EVRYPLACE – Fream’s propriety virtual technology – on the Office Finder website. Allowing agents to add and edit 360° walkthroughs as a part of office listing
  • Designed and developed a mobile application using EVRYPLACE engine that allows JLL sales teams to use VR technology to present office space
  • Implemented custom Co-viewing feature allowing agents and clients to connect online and visit the investment in virtual reality

A step closer toward the more connected client

For clients looking at office options abroad, VR provides a meaningful sense of security. The ability to virtually guide clients around several offices over a single video call or Co-viewing session is an extremely convenient solution for both the buyer and the seller. This is why it was essential to deliver a fast web-based implementation, that JLL’s agent can use as an integral part of Office Finder. In any situation, the agents are two clicks away from starting a Co-viewing or VR tour, be it on the mobile app or the Office Finder website.

JLL’s bold approach was noticed by other prominent industry brands and since the introduction of the JLL VR app, brands like CBRE, Colliers and SKANSKA, have also adopted the EVRYPLACE product as part of their real estate sales strategy.


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