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Digitalization of a retail sector using new technology

Fream helped us to automate the documentation process of over 800 retail stores across Poland by introducing an innovative 360° Inventory Documentation Platform. The use of 360° cameras dramatically reduced the time spent on monthly store QA documentation and gave Management teams the ability to perform on the fly 360° quality consultation. As a result, our sales teams can now focus more on supporting store owners rather than manual documentation tasks. While our Visual Merchandise team received an invaluable boost in quality training using authentic, immersive 360° store imagery.

Fream was an excellent choice for a business partner to deliver an early prototype of a problem-solving solution and successfully implement a new tech industry solution in a period of fewer than 12 months. I’m glad Lagardere chose Fream as our regular provider of software solutions.

- Grzegorz Drozd, Director of IT - Lagardere Travel Retail Poland
Theta V - 360° Documentation eye360app

Quality = time

Lagardere Travel Retail manages a network of over 800 points of sale in Poland under 33 different brands under three business lines: Travel Essentials, Duty-Free & Fashion and Foodservice.

For such a large number of stores, maintaining high quality and a consistent standard requires a the work of a team of over XX regional managers. The most productive element of their work is consulting directly with the Sales Point Manager. Where to find time for consultation when a large part of the store visit is consumed by the photographic documentation process?

The way of storing and archiving photographic documentation files was a hindrance too and resulted in a database of materials difficult to access to the staff training new agents.

Minutes in a chain of 800 stores do matter

To increase the efficiency of regional managers’ work, Lagardere was looking for a solution that significantly shortens the documentation process itself, giving managers more time for direct training during each store visit.

A digital transformation of an old process

After studying the whole process, we proposed a solution that uses a mobile phone, 360° camera, and web portal to view 360° documentation. Reducing the complexity of the process significantly and decreasing the time that managers spend to fully document a store.

The new process requires, the regional managers to launch the mobile app upon entering a store, where the app takes the manager through a two-minute documentation process, during which the manager takes few 360° photographs inside the store. The mobile application then sends photos from the 360° ​​camera to Lagardere Retail servers while creating an entry in the documentation of the store. After less than a minute, this entry is available on the website and is available for consultation by phone or online with the manager of Visual Merchandising located in the headquarters of Lagardere.

An intuitive solution operated on a mobile phone, which is a few minutes gives a solution that previously could take 20 minutes.


  • Radical simplification of the documentation process by using a mobile phone integrated with the 360° ​​camera

  • Elimination of time spent on training in the use of digital SLRs by replacing them with automatic 360° Theta V and Theta Z1 cameras

  • Reducing the average time it takes to create photographic documentation of a store by 50% 

  • Eliminating the complex and manual process of uploading photos from the documentation to Lagardere servers

  • SSO integration enabling secure login to the platform to all management teams at Lagardere Retail

  • Development of the Eye360 platform, which revolutionized the way Lagardere Travel Retail trains new clients, monitors brand consistency and examines the effects of marketing activities on a full scale of stores

eye360 te_header

Smart retail solution

Added value in the entire project is easy to access to the extensive, current database of 360° photos of each point. Not only regional managers have the opportunity to see the results of marketing and sales activities at each point.  A rich database of immersive 360° ​​photos from each store has become invaluable training material. The „Eye360 database” has been successfully adopted by several teams in Lagardere.

This solution and its success in such a wide spectrum of use meant that Lagardere chose Fream as a permanent partner for solving problems using innovative technologies.

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