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It is with great pleasure that I recommend the creative skills and services provided by Fream S.A in the area of mobile applications and web portals. Over the last 4 years, they have helped us to create very successful iOS and Android apps four our market­leading navigation and mapping service, Naviexpert.
I also recommend Fream as a provider of web portal solutions. They have proved their skills developing Naviexpert Traffic ­ a modern, unique and fully custom­built mapping and navigation portal, which helped us expand our services over the Web platform.

- Adam Szarecki - R&D Manager, Naviexpert
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Long-time partnership

We have been Naviexpert’s technological partner since 2011. Since then, we have been delivering subsequent releases of  the Naviexpert app for the iOS and of Rysiek app for Android and iOS.


Dynamic mapping portals

Naviexpert Traffic and Monitoring

From the very beginning, our web engineers supported Naviexpert in building Naviexpert Traffic and Naviexpert Monitoring – their B2C and B2B mapping portals. We have built portals from the scratch, not only by developing custom map engines with Javascript and Leaflet, but also by delivering high performance tile generation engine.

Turn-by-turn navigation for iOS

Naviexpert iOS app

Following the success of Naviexpert app for Android, we have created Naviexpert app for the iPhone. The app is today one of the best turn-by-turn navigation apps for the iOS, proudly competing with those from TomTom, Google or Nokia.

In-drive assistand and recorder

Rysiek iOS and Android apps

Rysiek is a personal driver’s assistant combined with in-drive recorder. Both iOS and Android apps have been built entirely by engineers from Fream.

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