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SKANSKA brand has a history of striving for innovation and setting the pace for competitors in the field of Real Estate 4,0 Innovation.
With the launch of a prestigious sales office in Warsaw, Homes by SKANSKA – the residential sales team at SKANSKA – was looking to create a product that would bring the sales experience to the next level, and prove their customers they are indeed a leader in Real Estate tech innovation.

When two experts meet

In a series of meetings and group workshops, we looked at some of the innovative ideas presented by the SKANSKA team, intending to integrate the new tech experience with the existing SKANSKA property management and sales infrastructure. As a tech expert Fream was not only validating the forwarded ideas but, thanks to years of experience in designing Industry 4.0 products, Fream safeguarding a digital solution that would retain the technological “Wow factor” and yet be still attractive and functional after two years of use.

A new tech customer experience

Potential property buyers were greeted with an interactive table displaying 3D bird’s eye view map of Warsaw, allowing buyers to freely move around and pick a location and the investment most convenient for them. To deliver a multiscreen experience, the interactive table app was designed to stream content to surrounding screens but also the mobile app. The shareability between multiple media allowed sales teams to pick up the viewing session mid through and carry on on an iPad at the table with the client. For potential buyers, this was a continuous futuristic experience from the first glance at the bird’s eye view of Warsaw to the 360° walkthrough of the chosen apartment.

Function > Gimmicks

What brought the project to another level is the ability to bring together multiple new tech solutions to create a lasting and functional product.

  • We have designed and developed multiscreen ‚Homes by Skanska’ app for browsing and comparison multiple properties from the SKANSKA portfolio.
  • Created a filtering interface integrated with the 3D property model – highlighting flats availability on the actual model, based on predefined criteria
  • Integrated the app with SKANSKA’s Property Management System database delivering live communication and updates between the systems on flat reservations and flat availability.
  • Build from ground up a custom CMS for model and 360° tours implementation, allowing for future upgrades and introduction of new investments to existing 
  • Integrated the application with the Evryplace engine for presenting VR renderings of the pre-construction stage and 360° photography of completed investment, allowing to introduce immersive media in the sales process
  • Developed session management system allowing to save and return to the customized property offers and continue the buying experience across multiple screens
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