Shifting the way we learn

Virtual learning experiences as a way to mitigate risk and cost.

Humans are designed to learn by doing. Simulations that let us experience scenarios are twice as successful in preparing employees for their jobs when compare to 2D training media. The immersive nature of VR has made it a natural choice for training aimed at reducing errors and liability of employees who tasked with sensitive or critical operations.

Another undeniable appeal of virtual reality in the occupational health and safety space is that it provides a method of training workers on their actual job tasks in a safe environment and regardless of their current location. Now trainees can learn on a task without the need for building training environments or the need to pause existing business flow. 

When Fream created EVRYPLACE – a web-based application for immersive 360° presentation – the focus was not only on utilizing the virtual reality but also on the flexibility of application and the ability to easily integrate it with other web solutions. Something Fream specializes in. The ability to export training data from EVRYPLACE to SCORM was one of the reasons why a couple of Fream’s strategic business clients chose EVRYPLACE as their VR training solution. With EVRYPLACE, our clients can:

  • Simulate inspections and root cause analysis
  • Create immersive decision-based training
  • Build interactive induction sessions to get employees up to speed
  • Help increase the working knowledge at operational locations

Fream’s work with clients in the field of VR has allowed the company to get well versed in new media and led to further development of augmented reality solutions. 

Revolutionizing existing processes with Augmented Reality.

Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace are the three primary industries that have significantly benefited from the introduction of assembly and maintenance assistance using augmented reality. The plethora of AR devices reduce the barrier to introduce Augmented Reality as a manufacturing standard, and the rapid growth of AR technology allows programmers to introduce adaptable interfaces on predetermined scenarios – for example, hesitance or leaving the working area. 

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